Recap of July 2023 Monthly Meeting – Missing Middle Housing and new working groups

July 6th was our last monthly meeting at our usual spot at Old Soul at the Weatherstone! We discussed Missing Middle Housing, launching new working groups, and parking in downtown.

Our July 2023 Monthly Meeting

Nguyen Nguyen, an Assistant Planner with the City of Sacramento’s Community Development Department, came to the meeting and gave a guest presentation on their Missing Middle Housing study. Nguyen explained what missing middle housing is and how it can create housing and financial accessibility for Sacramentans without relying on large development.

Here are some benefits of Missing Middle Housing that are in line with Strong Towns values and goals:

  • increases housing supply and choice
  • provides more attainable housing options
  • allows small-scale, incremental local housing development that can be financed by the average homeowner
  • reduces racial and socioeconomic disparities reinforced by single-unit zoning
  • allows market to respond to the downward trend in average household size
  • creates a more sustainable City by providing housing closer to employment, transit, and amenities, reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution

Nguyen described how the City had recently done a walking tour through parts of Sacramento to show how many examples of Missing Middle Housing we already have that blend seamlessly into the community, and are part of what makes Sacramento pleasant and enjoyable.

A duplex in midtown – a perfect example of Missing Middle Housing we already have and love

Most of the time was in Q&A with our members. We asked:

  • What forms of Missing Middle Housing are being most promoted in this study?
  • How does the city look at Missing Middle Housing that is also mixed-use, such as housing units above retail shops?
  • Is the city looking at prioritizing Missing Middle Housing near transit?
  • What are the challenges to implementing Missing Middle Housing in Sacramento?

Our biggest takeaway from Nguyen was that Strong SacTown members and anyone who supports Missing Middle Housing needs to be MORE VOCAL about it! Right now, the City mostly only hears from those who are opposing Missing Middle Housing. We know that many of our neighbors and friends do support Missing Middle Housing and are already seeing the walkability and housing benefits it creates in places like midtown.

If you want to help, please contact your City officials and Remi Mendoza, Senior Planner for City of Sacramento and let them know that you support missing middle housing!

At our meeting, we also launched 2 working groups that will meet biweekly on Zoom:

  • Website & Social Media
  • 2040 General Plan and Climate Action & Adaptation Plan outreach strategy

If you are interested in joining one of these working groups, please fill out our Sign Up Form!

Finally, we had a short discussion on the status of free and paid parking in downtown, and ideas for how we can advocate for better parking policies.

Make sure to join our next monthly meeting on Thursday, August 3rd at 6PM!


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