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  • Lane Widths

    Lane Widths

    Over 80% of the fatalities and serious injuries on Sacramento roadways happen on streets signed between 30 and 45 mph. Taking a serious approach to Vision Zero will mean addressing these higher-speed, higher-volume roads. Managing street lane widths is one important tool in the toolbox of street (re)design.

  • How to make freeway before/after animations

    How to make freeway before/after animations

    Technical instructions for creating a freeway before/after animation for any city

  • Streets for People – Street Design Standards

    Streets for People – Street Design Standards

    We are Strong SacTown — Streets for People Design Group, a group of Sacramentans advocating for updated street designs that will rank safety, livability, and economic vitality above vehicle throughput or speed; where congestion relief will not be the goal in street design.

  • Escaping the Housing Trap

    Escaping the Housing Trap

    We were promised pristine neighborhoods if we moved out to the suburbs, but so many of the aged suburban neighborhoods are suffering from abandoned litter lots, cracks in the sidewalk, and are in general disrepair. How do we fight to make it better?

  • Suburbs Drive Sacramento Into Debt

    Suburbs Drive Sacramento Into Debt

    We found that suburbs are a money pit and help drive Sacramento into debt. Meanwhile, zoning reform is in the air…

  • The Cost of Road Maintenance

    The Cost of Road Maintenance

    Have you ever wondered why our streets and roads are in such a bad state? And what’s the true cost of maintaining our roads? Based on the city’s Pavement Condition Report, we can’t continue business as usually and expect any positive changes.

  • Leckdowns: Nature’s Tracing Paper

    Leckdowns: Nature’s Tracing Paper

    Every fall season, leaves blanket the street, and cars cut paths through them. The remaining patches of leaves effectively “neck down” the street and represent areas that cars do not fully utilize.

  • Sacramento’s Dangerous One-Way Streets

    Sacramento’s Dangerous One-Way Streets

    One-way streets in Sacramento’s central city are loud, harmful, dangerous, unproductive, and prop up the Suburban Experiment.

  • Lessons from Santa Cruz

    Lessons from Santa Cruz

    Santa Cruz was really interesting to walk around. Pacific Avenue was designed to protect pedestrians with one lane one way, bike lane 2 ways, and limited parking. The amount of shoppers on the street highlighted this feature. We need more streets like this everywhere.