Sacramento 101

Finding out about your area

Relevant City Bodies, Major Projects, & Plans

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More Local Resources

City of Sacramento Planning Academy: This is a free, hybrid course designed to educate, engage, and empower Sacramento residents and business owners on current planning issues and City plans underway in Sacramento. Strong SacTown members have joined and graduated from the Planning Academy!

Boards & Commissions Leadership Institute: The BCLI provides public policy training for Sacramento area community advocates, particularly people from low-income communities and communities of color who have a proven track record of leadership as social justice advocates in their neighborhoods.

Native Land: Learn about the tribes whose land you are on. We acknowledge that the so-called city of Sacramento was and still is on the tribal lands of the Nisenan people. From the Sacramento Native American Health Center’s Land Acknowledgment:

Sacramento was a gathering place for many local Tribes who have lived throughout the central valley and the foothills for generations and were the original stewards of this land. We would like to acknowledge the Southern Maidu people to the North, the Valley and Plains Miwok/ Me-Wuk Peoples to the south of the American River, and the Patwin Wintun Peoples to the west of the Sacramento River. We would also like to honor the Wilton Rancheria, the only federally recognized tribe in Sacramento County.

Local Groups

These are some local groups in Sacramento that you may be interested in:

  • North Natomas Jibe: Making it easier for the North Natomas Community to walk, bike, and use public transportation.
  • Corremos Sacramento: Latino-led run/walk club that aims to center the wellness and voices of people of color in the sport of running. 
  • Sacramento Climate Coalition (SCC): Working to advance the broader movement for civil rights, justice and our environment
  • 350 Sacramento: Working for equitable solutions that accelerate the transition to a sustainable future, with atmospheric carbon dioxide levels below 350 ppm.
  • Sacramento Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL): Lobbying for policies to address climate change.
  • California Native Plant Society (CNPS): Protecting California’s native plants and their natural habitats, today and into the future, through science, education, stewardship, gardening, and advocacy.
  • Save the American River Association (SARA): Protecting and enhancing the wildlife habitat, fishery, and recreational resources of the American River Parkway.
  • Organize Sacramento (OS): Provides training, education, and technical assistance to educate community members on community organizing, local government processes, and community and business resources.

Governmental Bodies: