Tell City Council on Nov. 28th to adopt important revisions to the 2040 General Plan!

Action Alert! ✴️ City Council will be presented with 2 important revisions to the Draft 2040 General Plan that align with improvements that Strong SacTown members have been pushing since this summer.

1) Revised Missing Middle Housing approach to remove unit cap tiers that would have limited the maximum number of dwelling units in a development to either 4, 6, or 8.

2) Revised Floor Area Ratio (FAR) Approach to increase the maximum FAR from 1 to 2 in areas within a half-mile walking distance of existing high-frequency bus stops and existing and planned light rail stations.

This is a big deal. We have the chance to push City Council to adopt these changes for the FINAL 2040 General Plan.

Comment to City Council on Tuesday Nov. 28th. Tell Council that you support these revised approaches for the final 2040 General Plan.

You can see the full Council Agenda here (Look for Discussion Agenda item #18 “General Plan Update: Revised Missing Middle Housing (MMH) & Floor Area Ratio (FAR) Approach”).