Incremental Housing and Mixed-Use Zoning: A Strong SacTown Priority

Let’s face it, housing has been static for decades due to arbitrary zoning laws. This is one of the major causes of the homelessness crisis and skyrocketing housing costs in our city. Housing is not an investment commodity, it’s essential for our community.

No neighborhood should experience radical change, but no neighborhood can be exempt from change. Our local leaders need to allow neighborhoods to grow and develop the way neighborhoods have for centuries: with a bottom-up approach guided by the people who live there.

Our communities deserve autonomy to develop according to their needs, building places to shop, play, work, live, and relax. We deserve to have our basic needs met safely, and without the need to sit in traffic just to grab a soda from the store.

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  1. Jonathan Diskin Avatar
    Jonathan Diskin

    Is there a reading group on “Escaping the Housing Trap” yet? I’d love to join that and hope to connect to others interested in a deep dive on housing issues!!

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