Ending Parking Subsidies: A Strong SacTown Priority

Land is valuable in our city, and we need to make sure it’s used productively and provides value. Free storage for privately owned vehicles wastes an average of 162 sq. ft. per spot, worth around $64,800. Do you think this is a good use of our land?

Cars have an important role in transportation, and we respect that. But if land is going to be tied up to store private vehicles whenever someone shows up, we believe the city needs to charge a fair price. By eliminating these subsidies, Sacramento will be a safer and better place to walk, bike, and shop with cleaner air, cooler summers, and reduced traffic.

We believe any money made from city parking spots should be reinvested into the community where the parking occurs. If we’re parking in front of their homes, we should be responsible for cleaning up any wear and tear.

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