Virtual Community Meeting on the City Street Design Standards Amendment!

The City of Sacramento is hosting a Community Meeting on June 27th at 6-7:30PM via Zoom to learn about their Street Design Standards amendment and to hear the community’s input on values and goals for how the City designs its streets.

Where did this come from?

In the City of Sacramento’s 2040 General Plan that was adopted on March 28, 2024, the city committed to the following goals:

The City shall prioritize mobility, comfort, health, safety, and convenience for those walking, followed by those bicycling and riding transit, ahead of design and operations for those driving.

Goal M-1.2 in the Mobility Element (PDF), p. 9

The City shall maintain street design and operations standards that prioritize comfort and travel time for walking, bicycling, and transit, while managing vehicle speeds and traffic volumes, updating them as best practices evolve.

Goal M-1.5 in the Mobility Element (PDF), p. 10

These goals will be actualized through the Street Design Standards amendment process. The draft amendment has not yet been shared – it will be created with input from community groups and through the June 27 community meeting.

Why does this matter?

From the City of Sacramento’s transportation email:

The City of Sacramento Street Design Standards are the basis for design decisions regarding city streets such as travel lane widths, bikeway types and widths, sidewalk widths and more. The Street Design Standards influence development, the built environment, mobility, and street tree canopy for decades into the future.

While street design is a technical endeavor, all our communities use the City’s transportation network and are valuable partners. A key objective of this work is to collaborate with the City’s communities to ensure the process and outcomes meet our collective goals and objectives.

How is Strong SacTown involved?

Strong SacTown is one of multiple community groups that will be involved in the process to amend the Street Design Standards. Our Streets for People working group has been regularly meeting since January to create proposed designs and policies that prioritize safety and comfort for active transportation and transit users FIRST.

Learn more about Streets for People at our blog post!

Please get involved by joining the city’s community meeting on June 27 and sharing with your community!