Strong SacTown Movie Night: Citizen Jane – The Battle for the City!

Square event flier for Strong SacTown Movie Night. Blue text on white background says "Sunday, Feb 18, 2024, 4-7 PM, Fruitridge Manor*. Indoors! Bring your own cup and a snack to share! *Message us for the address" At the bottom of the graphic is a colorful comic showing different architecture or features you would find in a city, like parks, playgrounds, trees, fountains, multi-story buildings in a whimsical drawing style. There is a cartoon of Jane Jacobs, a woman with a short gray bob, thick round black glasses, a blue sweater, and wearing a necklace.

Strong SacTown’s second Movie Night will be February 18th at 4pm in the Fruitridge Manor neighborhood! Join us and watch the 2017 documentary Citizen Jane: The Battle for the City about the “mother of urban planning,” Jane Jacobs. 

Contact for the address!

Bring a snack to share, if you like. Also, bring your own cup if you don’t want to use disposable. 


Recommended bus routes: 

  • 61 coming from the Pocket area 
  • 81 coming from either the Florin or 65th lightrail stations 
  • 51 

Those of you coming to the Movie Night from the grid, let’s ride over together!
Meet at the Sac Natural Foods Co-op (the outdoor seating area on the R St side by the bike racks.) Meet at 3pm (or earlier if you’re eating lunch there), rollout around 3:15.

Recommended bike route from the central city: T St and 62nd St.

Expect rain!